About us - What We Do

We Are Experts in Business to Business, Industry-Specific Lead Generation and Appointment Setting.

With our help, you can generate new business while avoiding the time-consuming process of cold calling and prospecting.

LGen Partners is a B2B appointment setting and lead generation company that supports the front end of your business development process. The services we deliver include:

We leverage almost two decades of experience to generate and qualify the best new business opportunities for our clients. With our help you can increase your sales efforts and revenue while your valuable executives and sales representatives bypass time-consuming cold calls and research.

Fewer Appointments + Higher Quality = Better ROI.

LGen’s expertise is in complex, long sales cycle and high dollar value transactions where integration with your sales force is critical. Through this collaboration, our well-trained, highly qualified, professional team members conduct open-ended, non-scripted dialogues with potential clients.

Moreover, over years of experience, we have learned that fewer appointments of higher quality deliver a greater return on investment for clients. These hard-earned insights explain our very high response rate among C-level (CEO, CFO, etc.) executives, and why we get your company in the door and at a stage where your sales resources matter the most.

An Intelligent, Evolved Approach.

We have developed successful, innovative methods to qualify leads and to garner appointments for your managers, executives, partners, and business development team.

Our process employs statistical analysis from the field of market research to isolate promising, worthwhile prospects. Then, we use methods based on polling science to qualify leads. Finally, we incorporate proven cornerstones of sales, marketing, and phone strategies for our contact management.

We also understand that most sales professionals need to focus on deals that are near closing. A good closer cannot afford to devote significant time to longer-term leads at the expense of near-term opportunities. With this in mind, we canvas the target area; identify and evaluate longer-term prospects, and catalogue future opportunities for appropriate follow-up. Through our contact management program, we then follow up with these businesses with the intent of nurturing them along until their plans have matured. Once they are ready, we qualify them and turn them over to you at just the right time.

Ultimately, we efficiently move through thousands of potential customers to deliver critical market and prospect information while setting up meaningful sales appointments.

No Scripts. Just Gentle and Polite Persistence.

We are not telemarketers. We do not use staid, template scripts and we never use auto dialers. We’re not as focused on the number of calls as we are on the length and quality of the dialogue.

Instead, we have a team of educated, smart, and creative professionals who use their minds to cultivate your business lead generation programs. We pay meticulous attention to market research, employ gentle and polite persistence to approach leads, and engage in sincere dialogue to discover critical information while establishing a strong connection.

We know how to ask the right questions to ascertain if a company can benefit from your products or services, is motivated to buy, and is a good fit for your business. You tell us what’s important, and we’ll find the leads that matter.

Additionally, throughout our process, we represent your business in the most professional, elegant manner possible – we treat your business as if it were our own. When you attend a meeting that we have scheduled, you can be confident that your brand has been portrayed seamlessly and extraordinarily well.

Contact us to learn more about our successful, proprietary techniques and how we can help you get in front of the right people.

  • Benefits of using LGen Partners:
  • Let someone else do the cold calling
    and research so your executives
    and business development team can focus on other mission-critical tasks (like closing the deal).
  • Easily scale your business development efforts.
  • Obtain real-time prospect information efficiently.
  • Attend meetings with key decision makers who have a need in your target market.
  • Compress your sales cycle.
  • Keep the pipeline full with new business opportunities.


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  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Senior Vice President

    To date we have booked a number of new relationships from LGen leads that we expect to generate over $1MM in annual revenue as those relationships mature. The ROI on the program has significantly exceeded our expectations. The LGen profiles and appointments allow our Relationship Managers to broaden their reach in our marketplace and better leverage their business development activities. We will continue to use LGen to enhance our commercial banking marketing efforts.

    Senior Vice President/ Business Development Manager
    $20 Billion Asset Commercial Bank

  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Frank Morrelli

    LGen has done an excellent job of getting us in front of C-Level executives at companies with sales of $100mm-$5b that we may otherwise not been able to do ourselves efficiently. Our focus has been in the New York/New Jersey market with a broad range of targeted industries. LGen's approach is professional, persistent, and effective.

    I hope to continue to use LGen in other parts of the country as well. We especially recognize LGen Partner's ability to communicate complex and broad issues on our behalf to our prospects. We've had a number of meetings where the CFO's have been very interested in our services and would consider using us for future projects. Opportunities have included IT, risk management and transition support.

    Frank Morrelli
    Managing Partner, Tatum

  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Larry Haworth

    We are VERY satisfied with the results. The LGen staff consistently sets appointments with CFOs, Controllers, and owners of companies that meet our firm’s target profile. In the first year, we have obtained new clients with annual billings of more than double our first year LGEN fees.

    Larry Haworth
    Partner, Bessolo Haworth & Vogel LLP