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  • Why should I outsource B2B appointment setting and lead generation to LGen Partners?
    • You can focus on what you do best: closing the sale and bringing the customers in once the prospects have been identified.
    • You are not burdened with finding, hiring, training, and motivating people dedicated to cold calling and prospecting.
    • Lead generation requires a unique set of skills. The talents necessary to consistently find and/or qualify sales prospects are very different from those needed to close sales.
    • Most business development officers, partners, and senior managers typically do not make a consistent effort to cold call and develop new prospects effectively.
    • We have the expertise to conduct peer-to-peer dialogues with C-level executives on your behalf.
  • Why do I need you?
    • Because your time is extremely valuable and is better spent on other core functions of your business.
    • Few target markets contain less than 1,000 entities. Our product simply culls through this overwhelming clutter more frequently and comprehensively to deliver the best leads and prospects.
    • Our expertise eliminates the burden of cold calling and prospecting from your internal staff.
  • Why do B2B companies use your services?
    • Develop a formal prospecting discipline.
    • Outsource prospect qualification and cold calling to proven specialists.
    • Maximize the valuable time of executives so that they can focus on other core functions.
    • Avoid the failures and limitations of conventional telemarketing and direct mail.
    • Stimulate business growth.
    • Improve sales efficiency.
    • Diversify and expand new business acquisition strategies.
    • Penetrate identified market niches.
    • Create presence in new geographic areas.
    • Gain competitive advantages.
    • Compress the sales cycle.
  • What specifically do I get when I sign up with LGen Partners?
    • The purchase of historical data, target companies, and access to our marketing database, which is matched to your customized market criteria.
    • Analysis of data to match your prospect profile.
    • A negotiated number of appointments and company profiles.
    • A dedicated Account Representative to assure program success.
  • What scripts do you use?

    The best script is no script. We focus on unscripted conversations with open-ended probing questions. We get executives to discuss their issues instead of just answering a questionnaire or listening to a pitch.

  • What constitutes an appointment?

    Each appointment is emailed to you with a date, time, and location, as well as detailed summary information and notes about our conversation with the prospect to help you prepare for the meeting.

  • What if LGen sets up an appointment that does not meet our targeted profile?

    We offer a “right of refusal” on every appointment for all clients. Simply let us know why the appointment does not meet your targeted profile, do not attend the appointment, and LGen will replace the appointment with another.

  • Is this cost effective?

    The cost of the program is significantly less than a full time Business Development Officer. Deploying salespeople to close leads, as opposed to lead generation and prospecting, is a very cost effective sales strategy.

  • What percentage of prospects talk to you and why?

    Over 75% of the people we call will eventually talk to us. It may take many months and many attempts, but we’ve found that polite and gentle persistence pays off. The reason is very simple: companies have as hard of a time finding you, as you have finding them. Our staff engages them in intelligent, friendly, and focused dialogue about what they most like to talk about: their business.

  • How long before we see results?

    You will receive appointments and company profiles the first week we start working on your behalf. How long it takes to close a deal depends on your specific service, products and sales process. The gestation period to win business is not something we can control.

  • How soon can I get started?

    LGen can start a new campaign within a few days after the Agreement is approved and the list is scrubbed.

  • What does LGen need from us to get started?

    A signed agreement, a point of contact at your firm, a scrubbed list, and a kick off teleconference with your team.

  • How do we know it will work for us?

    The techniques we employ statistically work far better than other methods of generating new business without a personal referral.

  • How will you represent our firm during calls?

    Seamlessly. We have found that introducing ourselves on behalf of your organization, by name, is much more effective than calling anonymously or under our name. We are creating awareness for your business and brand identity, and we represent you in a positive and professional manner.

  • What should we do to manage the process?

    Many of our clients assign a person to be responsible for the program internally. This person will distribute the appointments and company profiles within your organization, help obtain feedback from your staff on what is working well, and help keep us informed of relevant changes in your business.

  • Should I increase my staff to manage the appointments and company profiles?

    No, existing personnel should easily be able to manage this program. We do almost all the work apart from attending the appointments.

  • Do I receive every appointment and company profile you obtain on my behalf?

    Yes, all leads that meet your qualifications and are generated from your custom designed database belong exclusively to you.

  • How do we know we are receiving the best appointments and company profiles?

    Every client is assigned a dedicated account team and has a dedicated database. Each team works independently of other teams and has no access to other databases; thus, we have no conflicts of interests between clients.

  • We have used telemarketers in the past, how is this different?

    Although we use the telephone to obtain information, our services are significantly superior to and distinguished from a typical telemarketing company. Specifically:

    • We only hire college-educated staff with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, banking, or information technology.
    • Our team members are trained in the product and can maintain meaningful dialogues with C-level decision makers.
    • We make fewer calls per hour and the calls on average are longer. This results in more high quality appointments and company profiles and creates the best image for your business in the market place.
    • As we focus on professionalism and sophistication to best represent your brand, we transcend the standard telemarketing paradigm.
  • Do you send any material to qualified prospects?

    This is at the discretion of your organization. On occasion, we might ask you to send an email to establish further credibility. In general, however, we find our phone conversations are more than sufficient to secure an appointment.

  • How do you track results?

    We use a proprietary contact management system that tracks the call from the initial interview with the prospect through the meeting with you. After your meeting with a prospect, we will send you an email asking if the appointment was held and how it went. We track your responses and can generate detailed campaign and results reports at any time. Furthermore, we also track future prospects on your behalf.

  • Where do you obtain your lead and call lists?

    Our calling list is generated in partnership with you. If you have a list, no matter how it is organized, we are happy to work with it. If you would like us to source a list based on your detailed requirements, we can do that as well. In either case, we evaluate, scrub, and filter all lists to identify the best possible leads for your specific campaign.

  • How do you meet our specific needs?

    First, we learn your company’s history, products, services, and sales and marketing strategies in-depth. Then, we work with you to develop a tailored presentation and to identify potential objections and responses.

    The prospect we call on your behalf views us as an inside salesperson working from your office. It is a seamless presentation. As such, we need to know your business and tell your compelling story. We welcome your input for the questions we ask prospects as well as for defining what constitutes a good prospect.

  • What reports will I receive?

    On a daily basis, you will receive an email with the appointments we secure on your behalf. Weekly, you will receive an email with the company profiles of all the companies we have spoken with during the week. Monthly, you will receive a summary of all the appointments and company profiles, both for the month and the overall program to date, via an easily understood Excel spreadsheet.

  • What does it cost?

    Every project is different. Tell us what you want and we’ll let you know how much we think it will cost. A few important things: our service agreement is short term by design. If the program isn’t working for you, we don’t want to force its continuation because of a contract — that’s not how we build happy clients.

    Some things that affect cost:

    • Number of monthly appointments and number of monthly company profiles.
    • Level of decision maker we need to reach.
    • Size of company.
    • Complexity of product/service.
    • Degree of customization required.

    Some things that don’t affect cost:

    • Number of calls LGen needs to make to get you the information you require or the appointments you seek.
    • Number of people on the LGen team needed to meet your monthly targets.
  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Senior Vice President

    To date we have booked a number of new relationships from LGen leads that we expect to generate over $1MM in annual revenue as those relationships mature. The ROI on the program has significantly exceeded our expectations. The LGen profiles and appointments allow our Relationship Managers to broaden their reach in our marketplace and better leverage their business development activities. We will continue to use LGen to enhance our commercial banking marketing efforts.

    Senior Vice President/ Business Development Manager
    $20 Billion Asset Commercial Bank

  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Frank Morrelli

    LGen has done an excellent job of getting us in front of C-Level executives at companies with sales of $100mm-$5b that we may otherwise not been able to do ourselves efficiently. Our focus has been in the New York/New Jersey market with a broad range of targeted industries. LGen's approach is professional, persistent, and effective.

    I hope to continue to use LGen in other parts of the country as well. We especially recognize LGen Partner's ability to communicate complex and broad issues on our behalf to our prospects. We've had a number of meetings where the CFO's have been very interested in our services and would consider using us for future projects. Opportunities have included IT, risk management and transition support.

    Frank Morrelli
    Managing Partner, Tatum

  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Larry Haworth

    We are VERY satisfied with the results. The LGen staff consistently sets appointments with CFOs, Controllers, and owners of companies that meet our firm’s target profile. In the first year, we have obtained new clients with annual billings of more than double our first year LGEN fees.

    Larry Haworth
    Partner, Bessolo Haworth & Vogel LLP