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    To begin, we focus on high quality leads to generate the best ROI for our clients. These leads possess the motivation to explore and purchase the services/products being sold and the feasibility to move forward in a current timetable.
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    Once a meaningful connection is established and an appointment is set, we diligently confirm all details two to three days prior. We will immediately notify you of confirmations, cancellations, reschedules, or if we are unable to reach the prospect. This consistent and clear communication protects your valuable time and ensures the decision maker is at your appointment.
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    Next, we prioritize prospects based on extensive information gathered during our proprietary profiling process. Prospects are categorized into appropriate tiers, and the LGen team focuses on higher priority leads while maintaining a dialogue with lower priority tiers.
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    Moreover, before attending any meeting, clients receive detailed information regarding the prospect. Our due diligence equips our clients with company-specific data including personal insights regarding the specific meeting attendees. This level of preparation ensures the greatest possibility of success for our clients.
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    Then, we cold call without scripts. Our accomplished, intelligent staff represents your business with professionalism and poise. The contacts are direct and personal, the conversations are smart, and the resulting information from the calls is invaluable.
  • LGen's B2B lead generation, detailed information gathering, and steadfast diligence result in successful appointments that lead to valuable relationships.
Contact us and learn how our appointment setting can deliver the most efficient and promising meetings for your sales efforts.
  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Larry Haworth

    We are VERY satisfied with the results. The LGen staff consistently sets appointments with CFOs, Controllers, and owners of companies that meet our firmís target profile. In the first year, we have obtained new clients with annual billings of more than double our first year LGEN fees.

    Larry Haworth
    Partner, Bessolo Haworth & Vogel LLP
  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Frank Morrelli

    LGen has done an excellent job of getting us in front of C-Level executives at companies with sales of $100mm-$5b that we may otherwise not been able to do ourselves efficiently. Our focus has been in the New York/New Jersey market with a broad range of targeted industries. LGen's approach is professional, persistent, and effective.

    I hope to continue to use LGen in other parts of the country as well. We especially recognize LGen Partner's ability to communicate complex and broad issues on our behalf to our prospects. We've had a number of meetings where the CFO's have been very interested in our services and would consider using us for future projects. Opportunities have included IT, risk management and transition support.

    Frank Morrelli
    Managing Partner, Tatum

  • Hear What Our Clients Are Saying...

    Senior Vice President

    To date we have booked a number of new relationships from LGen leads that we expect to generate over $1MM in annual revenue as those relationships mature. The ROI on the program has significantly exceeded our expectations. The LGen profiles and appointments allow our Relationship Managers to broaden their reach in our marketplace and better leverage their business development activities. We will continue to use LGen to enhance our commercial banking marketing efforts.

    Senior Vice President/ Business Development Manager
    $20 Billion Asset Commercial Bank


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