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Lead generation and business development are fundamental to maintaining and growing a financial institution (commercial banks, finance companies, asset based lenders, factors, etc.). Yet, many bankers and managers do not have the time, resources, expertise, or inclination to weed through thousands of prospects, cold call, and set appointments.

This is where LGen Partners can help.

As our founder spent several years in the banking industry, we have a significant understanding of financial institutions and the challenges they face. We know how to get appointments with qualified prospects that ultimately could become clients. We also know how to ask the right kinds of questions for a wide range of services and products including credit facilities, treasury management, trade finance, real estate, and accounts receivable financing, just to name a few. Through our expertise in this market, what we offer transcends a turnkey solution; it’s a proven method to build relationships.

Market Intelligence Reports

We obtain the following information (and more) for our market intelligence reports, which allows us to see whether the company should be an active prospect or not

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Hear from our customers after an appointment has been held

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