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LGen Partners


How is LGen Partners different from other lead generation agencies?

  • 100% of the information that we provide for our clients is gathered through direct phone conversations with a decision-maker

  • We've been doing this for 25 years and have cultivated a large database.  Our database is different from others that are available on the web such as Dunn & Bradstreet because all of the information is verified through direct contact with the company.

  • All of our employees are college educated with a background in finance. We focus on unscripted conversations with open-ended probing questions and get executives to discuss their issues instead of just answering a questionnaire or listening to a pitch

  • We make fewer calls per hour and the calls on average are longer. This results in more high quality appointments and company profiles and creates the best image for your business in the market place

Why do I need you?

  • Because your time is extremely valuable and is better spent on other core functions of your business.  You can focus on what you do best: closing the sale and bringing the customers in once the prospects have been identified

  • Few target markets contain less than 1,000 entities. Our product simply culls through this overwhelming clutter more frequently and comprehensively to deliver the best leads and prospects

  • Most business development officers, partners, and senior managers typically do not make a consistent effort to cold call and develop new prospects effectively

  • Our expertise eliminates the burden of cold calling and prospecting from your internal staff

What specifically do I get when I sign up with LGen Partners?

  • The purchase of data, target companies, and access to our marketing database, which is matched to your customized market criteria

  • Analysis of data to match your prospect profile

  • A negotiated number of appointments and company profiles.

  • A dedicated Account Representative to assure program success

What kinds of companies employ LGen Partners?

  • We have experience representing Accounting Firms, Architecture Firms, Commercial Banks, Consulting Firms, Insurance Brokers, IT & Software Companies, Staffing Firms, and more

  • Whether your company is public or private--regional, national, or international--small, midsize, or large--we have the experience and means to get you in the door at companies of your choosing

What kinds of companies can you help me get meetings with?

  • The short answer: any kind

  • No matter the industry, size, or geography, we've got you covered

  • In our past, we've targeted companies of all sizes, including those that are pre-revenue up through organizations with sales of greater than ten billion dollars, and everything in between

  • Key industries include agriculture, aerospace, construction, education, energy, distribution, government entities, manufacturing, non-for-profits, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail, service, tech, transportation, and more 

What does it cost?

  • Every project is different. Tell us what you want and we’ll let you know how much we think it will cost. A few important things: our service agreement is short term by design. If the program isn’t working for you, we don’t want to force its continuation because of a contract — that’s not how we build happy clients.  

  • Some things that affect cost:

    • Number of monthly appointments and number of monthly company profiles

    • Level of decision maker we need to reach

    • Size of company

    • Complexity of product/service

    • Degree of customization required

  • Some things that don’t affect cost:

    • Number of calls LGen needs to make to get you the information you require or the appointments you seek

    • Number of people on the LGen team needed to meet your monthly targets

How does payment work?

  • We agree on a set number of appointments and market updates to provide you with per month

  • You only pay for the appointments that your team attends--no payment is required if the prospect cancels

  • You have veto power over all appointments and will not be charged for declined meetings

  • How does this payment plan benefit me? Rather than paying an hourly rate for unknown results, you are paying for a guaranteed outcome

Is this cost effective?

  • The cost of the program is significantly less than just 1 full time Business Development Officer

  • Deploying salespeople to close leads, as opposed to lead generation and prospecting, is a very cost effective sales strategy

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