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Insurance Brokers, Consultants, & More

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We produce high potential B2B leads and save valuable time for a wide range of businesses.

The sales process for B2B companies can be long and complex. The value added proposition is often intangible and requires expertise, keen understanding, and strong communication skills to sell.  Given this complexity, it is inefficient for consultants to evaluate, filter, and call thousands of potential leads when they could be spending their time in front of a prospect.

This is where LGen Partners can help.

We understand the complexity and intense nature of business relationships. We know how to intelligently narrow down potential lead lists and set up appointments that deliver the most potential. We know how to gather information that is acutely relevant to your specific campaigns, so that your business development efforts become more efficient and successful.

Market Intelligence Reports

We obtain the following information for our market intelligence reports, which allows us to see whether the company should be an active prospect or not. The graphic below demonstrates information that we provide for our clients in the insurance field

Website Insurance Questions Graphic_edited.jpg
Insurance Brokers, Consultants & More: Image


Hear from our customers after an appointment has been held

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