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Our Services

B2B lead generation and prospecting can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With our company profiles, you simply move through the stack more efficiently.

Database Creation

  1. LGen Partners compiles and manages multiple databases that become critical aspects of your sales and lead generation efforts.

  2. At the inception of a project, you can leverage our expertise to purchase a contact list or provide lists of your own (or a combination of both). We meticulously scrub these lists for errant information, evaluate the data, and verify contact information accuracy.

  3. Once we begin our campaign, we obtain additional, crucial information via first hand telephone conversations. As this data is current and delivered in near real-time to clients, it is significantly superior to commercially available information in terms of relevance, data integrity, and impact. Through this detailed work, we generate custom lead and prospect databases for our clients.

Services: Projects

Outbound Calling & Research

  1. Through insightful peer-to-peer dialogues with C-Level executives, LGen Partners captures crucial data regarding a company and whether it fits your business development criteria.​ 

  2. We focus on unscripted conversations with open-ended probing questions and get executives to discuss their issues instead of just answering a questionnaire or listening to a pitch

Services: Projects

Market Intelligence Reports

  1. We identify the key decision makers, the products and services they offer, who they bank with, who handles their accounting, which consultants and/or other business advisors they rely on, which ERP systems they use, their CRM needs, and other essential information. We are able to ascertain such valuable insights because the LGen team is comprised of intelligent, creative professionals who know how to ask the right questions.

  2. If leads do not fit your campaign objectives, we update your proprietary prospect database with the relevant information.​

Services: Projects


  1. To begin, we focus on high quality leads to generate the best ROI for our clients. These leads possess the motivation to explore and purchase the services/products being sold and the feasibility to move forward in a current timetable.

  2. Next, we prioritize prospects based on extensive information gathered during our proprietary profiling process. Prospects are categorized into appropriate tiers, and the LGen team focuses on higher priority leads while maintaining a dialogue with lower priority tiers.

  3. Then, we call without scripts. The contacts are direct and personal, the conversations are smart, and the resulting information from the calls is invaluable.​

  4. Once a meaningful connection is established and an appointment is set, we diligently confirm all details two to three days prior. We will immediately notify you of confirmations, cancellations, reschedules, or if we are unable to reach the prospect. 

  5. Our due diligence equips our clients with company-specific data including personal insights regarding the specific meeting attendees.  This level of preparation ensures the greatest possibility of success for our clients.

Services: Projects


  1. Combined with our outbound calling, company profiles, appointments, and database creation, our reporting services provide easily understood and digestible information. As a result, you can clearly see how campaigns are progressing and make better strategic decisions.

  2. As all the data we collect on your behalf is customized, we can run detailed reports that deliver valuable proprietary information. For example, if you want to identify every plastics manufacturer in your market, we can deliver that information. If you need a list of firms in the Southwest with sales of $10-$20 million, we can generate it. And all of this valuable data stems from firsthand dialogues with decision makers in your market who are relevant to your specific requirements.

  3. Some of the reports we generate include:

    1. Detailed updates on outbound calling results, information gathered via conversations, and prospecting progress.

    2. Company profiles with invaluable information and intelligent insights.

    3. Information resulting from customized queries for tailored campaigns.​

  4. Regardless of the level of detail or specificity, our reports can provide the critical information you need.​

Services: Projects

Research shows that generating leads is the greatest pain point for B2B Marketing. Let us handle that for you so you can focus on what you do best--closing.

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